If you’re an owner There are many ways decorative concrete can enhance your home and increases its value. The reasons to consider this choice for your home’s exterior or interior design include:

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Pets are safe
  • Easily maintained
  • Water resistance
  • Slip-proofing with relative slip
  • Non-crack resistant, unlike normal asphalt or concrete surfaces.
  • Gorgeous appearance
  • A more attractive curb appeal
  • The value of property has increased

Decorative Concrete Curb Appeal

Visitors who come at the front of your house will are likely to make their first impressions about it when they arrive. When you decide to sell your house or simply want to create an inviting environment for your visitors, decorative concrete can add curb appeal. Naturally, it is need to maintain your home’s the exterior and lawn to ensure your home’s highest value. But beautifully-constructed concrete design certainly looks better than a standard gray surface. It makes your home appear more than the driveway that has oil staining cracks, cracks or any other issue.

Recent studies on the market for real estate reveal that a home with decorative concrete can have a value that can be 10 percent higher than the same home with an ordinary slab driveway. That means in a house worth around $300,000, an attractive driveway could bring an additional $15,000 to $30,000 or greater to your net worth.

Particular Characteristics of Decorative Concrete

There are endless options to customize the overall appearance of your driveway when adding patterns, patterns or colors. These characteristics are derived from the kind of stone aggregate as well as the staining elements it uses and the patterns you choose.

The options include polished and exposed aggregate exposed concrete. For a conventional driveway, the professional smooths out the concrete, allowing it to set. However, for concrete with exposed aggregate typically used for design-oriented driveways, the top layer of concrete will be removed. The stone aggregate is exposed usually hidden under the smooth surface. This process takes within 24 hours of the pouring.

Polished concrete constructed by a finer aggregate. The aggregate is subjected to numerous grinding processes, which is more than exposed aggregate driveways. The driveway constructed with polished concrete exhibits an attractive sheen.

The addition of texture, patterns and colors can increase your home’s Real Estate Value

Aggregate concrete is a great material for enhancement using staining shading, coloring and coloring. There is an endless array of colors whether to match the exterior of your house, complement its hues or to stylishly contrast. In addition to color, you can also incorporate patterns and texture.

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