There is no floor-surfacing material that is currently available to mankind that doesn’t require maintenance. Even decorative concrete demands an effort, even with their simple-to-maintain appearance. But , you can anticipate lower maintenance problems than any other flooring, carpet or vinyl. The amount of elbow grease you need to apply to polishing clean concrete floors is contingent in the quantity of foot traffic they see.

The benefits of low-maintenance polished concrete flooring are:

  • They don’t have grout joints, or fibers that hold and trap dirt
  • When properly sealed they are resistant to stains, water, and scratching
  • Pet-friendly and easy to clean up after pet’s mess
  • A low maintenance routine on a daily basis needing only dry mopping or wet mopping
  • Sealant application is needed every couple of years.

Cleaning Solutions for the Home

The initial step of cleaning polished concrete floors boils down to the cleaners you ought to or shouldn’t employ. It is essential to use an acid-neutral cleaner for your decorative concrete like one suggested from your concrete floor professional. You may also seek information from the manufacturer of sealants for advice on the best cleaning products to use.

Whatever cleaners you use, stay clear of harsh cleaners such as bleach, citrus ammonia, vinegar or ammonia. Avoid using cleaning products made of pine, too. These chemicals react with concrete and may scratch the flooring.

Utilize microfiber cleaning pads to scrub smooth concrete flooring on a regular basis, for instance when you wet or dry mopping. For commercial spaces that have a lot of traffic, you could employ a swing buffer or an auto scrubber.

How do you clean Polished Concrete Floors

If you are looking to maintain your flooring made of concrete, think about an active approach because it is crucial. If you keep protecting your flooring with a good sealer, your flooring will appear great for a longer period of time.

To keep polished concrete floors clean adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Clean up your dust every day with an absorbing pad made of microfiber
  • Dirt can be abrasive to floors and may cause damage to the finish’s clarity and shine
  • If you are wet mopping, use a the clean solution and mop that is clean
  • For floors that cover many square feet, make use of the floor scrubber using non-abrasive pads
  • For smaller areas of floors you can use a mop or bucket to clean
  • Use a neutral cleaning solution while wet mopping.
  • Remove stains and spills immediately to prevent their absorbtion into the surfaces
  • Give the cleaning solution time for it to dissolve the grime and suspend the particles prior to cleaning it off
  • Be sure your cleaning solution will not get dry on the surface. Work in small portions to allow the rinsing process prior to drying

Polished Concrete Maintenance

Apart from having to wash polishing concrete flooring, you have to keep them maintained in different ways. They are robust and easy to keep clean than other kinds of flooring. However, they are susceptible to the effects of everyday routine and traffic. That’s why the Our Do Concrete cheap professionals will provide advice on maintenance following the installation of your decorative concrete flooring or polished concrete within the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

If your regular efforts to clean polished concrete floors don’t give them the appearance as new, it could be that you require maintenance to restore your floors. The maintenance offered by the concrete flooring contractor you choose, will require the use of professional equipment to completely make your floors look new again. Your contractor from We Do Concrete Cheap can also repair your floors if required.

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