It’s really easy cleaning stamped concrete. It is best to regularly sweep the surface and then spray it with water to prevent accumulation of dirt and other particles. The most effective tools to get this job done are a push broom, mild detergent , and garden hose.

The steps to clean stamped concrete includes:

  • Rinsing using a high pressure garden hose attachment for a sprayer
  • Scrubbing with a mixture of liquid dish soap Utilizing the push broom to go into all the grooves
  • Spray and rinse the surface to get rid of soap remnants

If your concrete is showing indications of dirt or staining, it is possible to use pressure washers. But, it’s crucial to wash stamped concrete gently. Don’t set the pressure excessively. This can cause damage to the sealant and surface texture.

Naturally, when are looking to preserve and restore the original appeal in you outside concrete hardscapes, it’s recommended to contact your concrete professionals for assistance at We Do Concrete Cheap in Raleigh, NC. We can clean your stamped concrete and return it to its original splendor applying sealant as necessary.

Keep in mind that sealants can aid in preventing staining of concrete. But , you shouldn’t count solely on sealants to stop the negative consequences of the staining agent. Clean stamped concrete as soon as possible after grease, oil, or other staining agents come in contact with these surfaces.

When Do I Need My Concrete Stamped Sealed?

After your stamped concrete has been first put in place, your concrete experts apply several coats of sealant that are protective. This sealant is an initial barrier against dirt, grease, oil chemical staining agents. Sealants can also help cleaning stamped concrete, if you clean it frequently. In addition, sealing coats stop the concrete’s designs from discoloration caused by sun’s UV-rays directly.

Following the initial application of sealant You should get your concrete professionals from We Do Concrete Cheap reseal every 2 to 3 years or more often than they suggest for your concrete surfaces and exposure to environmental elements. The steps required to seal clean stamped concrete are:

  • Allowing the concrete that has been stamped clean to completely dry
  • Applying sealer in tiny sections of 2 to 4 square feet
  • Applying a second coat the sealer following the first coat is set.

Sealing is an ideal time to ask for an anti-skid additive to your concrete stamped. It works great on the patios, decks and pools, as well as other places to improve grip and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

If your freshly stamped concrete looks dull or dull It’s most likely the right moment to ask for a resealing from the concrete experts. A fresh coating of sealant is often able to make the appearance more attractive of newly stamped concrete.

Maintaining your stamped concrete during Winter

Winter weather can be very hard for stamped concrete surfaces even in the relatively temperate area that is Raleigh, NC. To preserve the beauty of your concrete even in harsh winter conditions, stay clear of salts for deicing on these beautiful surfaces. This is crucial in the very first winter months following the installation. Deicing salts can cause cracks in decorative concrete sealants especially due to the freeze-thaw cycles they cause. This can happen on driveways made of stamped concrete as deicing salts slither off of vehicles that are parked.

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