Hurricane Proof Your Home

The roof, though an often neglected aspect of your home in the process of making repairs or maintenance is essential to have the safety and security of your home. For the average homeowner it is recommended to call a local roofing business to have a roof inspection every 1-2 years. When hurricanes enter the equation, it’s more crucial to take necessary precautions and take care to ensure that your roof is in good condition. Roof repairs can result in taking your budget out of the water or causing costly expenses later Make sure you take note of the guidelines below, which will provide the steps you can take to ensure your roof is hurricane-proof and protect it.


The most important aspect of roof protection is having a solid robust, sturdy, and long-lasting roof that can stand up to the strongest of wind. If you don’t have them yet you should think about moving to metal roofs which are among the most preferred kinds of roofing for their strength. If you’re not planning to make the switch to a metal space, at most, consider certain attachments, such as storm shutters. Be aware that making an initial investment in new roofing materials in the present can save you cash on roofing repairs in the future.


Certain designs or types of roofs are considerably vulnerable to damage from storms than other. If you’re trying to safeguard your roof from damage caused by a hurricane, ensure your roof is constructed with the best style, for instance the pyramid-shaped hip roof. When your roof’s old or is designed in a way that makes it more prone to damage, consider affixing wood braces on the rafters in order to give them more stability and support. Or employ a roofing repair company to ensure that it is in compliance with all the safety standards.


Also, ensure that you have adequate security precautions and security measures installed. The addition of things like hurricane steel clips will greatly improve the connections between the roof and your home. Also, it may be beneficial to include an escape hatch constructed in the roof to allow easy accessibility to your roof in extreme floods, but this is most beneficial option for those who are who are likely to require evacuations in emergencies, for instance those who live in areas that are frequently flooded or in areas that are affected by hurricanes more frequently.

Be sure to be on top of roof repairs and ensure that your roof is maintained particularly if you’re trying to make it hurricane-proof. The force of strong winds and flood waters could cause a lot of destruction and damage, therefore it is crucial to update the materials that are used in your house and to stabilize the appearance of your roof and use as many preventive techniques as you believe are is necessary. The more preventive measures you take to prevent damage, the better likelihood you’ll get a chance to suffer little or none of the damage that could occur in the event of a storm or other natural catastrophe. If you require tarp installation and repairs to your roofing, soffit, fascia replacement, or urgent repair services, be sure you make appointments with your roofing professional when you can.

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