Hurricane Damage To A Roof

It’s hurricane season officially, and the hurricane Elsa is just one of the tropical storms Florida could see this year. As per the National Weather Service, approximately 13 to 20 named storms are predicted to develop within the Atlantic this year, with six out of ten could turn into hurricanes. A range of three to five hurricanes are expected to be major storms.

For Floridians it’s essential to ensure you have your house prepared for hurricanes to safeguard your home or your roof against severe storms, flooding and debris that fly off. There’s only what one can accomplish to shield your roof from damage caused by a storm. So, what exactly could the effects of a hurricane be on the roof of your home? In this article, we’ll discuss the actual effects of a hurricane on the typical home’s roofing system, and the best way to proceed when your roof is badly damaged.

Common types of roof damage during a hurricane

There are many ways that storms can cause damage to your roof, as hurricanes themselves have a variety of characteristics, including:

  • The high winds are: Tropical storms can be characterized by high winds, however storms that have winds of 74 miles an hour or more can be classified as storms. Strong winds can rip away roofing tiles and shingles, take away your gutters or tear up the edges of an steel roof. Additionally, high winds can cause flying debris like trees, objects or gutter systems of other homes. If these objects land on your roof or on the side of your home it can result in scratches, holes, and damaged roofing.
  • Hail Sometimes, hail can occur during a storm. Hail damage can lead to cracks or broken roofing shingles as well as dents on your roof made of metal. In the event that the sealing between the roofing and roofing insulation is damaged and hail damage is present, it could cause water damage.
  • heavy rain In the event that heavy rain occurs with hail during a hurricane and it is accompanied by hail, it could cause water damage to your roof. However, just heavy rain is able to age your roof because of excessive wear and wear and tear.

When YOU ROOF is severely damaged by a storm

The most common cause of storm damage is one reason homeowners need roof repairs. According to a study of the consumer of as high as 65percent of homeowners stated that the impact of storms was their primary reason to make repairs. If your home was seriously damaged by a storm and you require an entirely new roof made of metal, My City Roofers have your back.

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