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How to know if I have a leak in my roof

If you have ever thought about calling a roofing professional to come and diagnose your roof, then you’re certainly not alone. While it’s true that roofing professionals can diagnose your roof and make sure it’s in good shape, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late. Waiting until your roof starts leaking will only cause further damage and give you a bigger headache down the line. Roof leaks often appear when the metal covering your roofing material is damaged or weak. Luckily, there are a number of simple steps you can take to detect whether or not you have a roof leak.

How to know if i have a leak in my roof

How to know if I have a leak in my roof begins with an examination of your roof itself. One of the first signs that your roof needs attention is granules within the shingles of your roof. Whether you see granules or not, this is definitely a sign that your roof has a leak. You’ll typically see small granules within the shingles of your roof near the attic, but granules are also common near chimneys, flues, gutters, and skylights.

Mold is another problem that often appears when there is a leak in your roof. The most common mold species which show up after the roof leaks are Black Mold and Mildew. Unfortunately, mold doesn’t only show up when there’s a leak…it also often shows upright when you’re moving your furniture, doing any kind of renovations, or even just after a strong rain. This is because mold spores will travel through the air and go right into your house.

Nails may also be visible as there may be small holes where nails used to be. Similarly, nails can become misaligned and cause some damage to your shingles or other parts of the roof. If you have any evidence of missing shingles, missing nails, damaged shingles, damaged vent pipes, or any evidence of water damage in your home, it would be wise to call a professional roofing repair service to inspect your roof leaks for damage and repairs.

Another sign of a leak is what we refer to as “underwear”. Simply put, your underwear may be soaked. What we mean by “underwear” is any wetness remaining on the underside of your drywall, ceiling fan, electrical box, etc. When there is any amount of moisture remaining on the underside of your drywall or ceiling fan, it’s a good indicator that a roof leak is present. In fact, any time you feel moist on the underside of any type of flooring, it’s a good indicator that a leak is present. If there is any sign of any missing roofing material, such as nails or shingles, it is wise to call a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.

How to know if I have a leak in my roof first requires us to inspect the entire area. We should examine the roof itself, any exposed nails or screws, any missing shingles, and the attic in particular. We should also inspect the underside of any crawl spaces or storage areas we may have overlooked. For large job jobs, we recommend using a crane. We have included an inspection video in the links section below.

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