Becoming A Roofing Contractor


There’s more to it than is what you see in the field of being the roofing contractors. For instance, did realize that roofing contractors earn on average $30.62 per hour? This is $63,695 per year!

Between 2018 and 2028, this profession is expected to grow to 6%, and generate 85,400 opportunities for employment throughout the U.S.

What does a roofing contractor Do?

There are certain abilities that roofers have in order to fulfill their duties. After looking at resumes we were able to find the most popular qualifications needed by a person who is who works in this area. We noticed that a large portion of resumes included customer service as well as dexterity and troubleshooting abilities.

In terms of the most crucial skills needed for roofing contractors we discovered that the majority of resumes included 20.3 percent of roofing contractors had security procedures, while 13.0 percent of resumes had repairs, and 7.5 percent of resumes mentioned insurance companies. The hard skills like these are useful to be able to use when carrying out the essential tasks of a job.

When searching for a job, most are searching for a key word or phrase. However, it is better to look up jobs for jobs by industry, because there could be opportunities you’ve never considered in fields you never thought of as having opportunities that were in the roofing contractor’s job title. But which industry should we begin with? The majority of roofing contractors have jobs in the manufacturing and construction industries.

How Do I Be a Roofing Contractor

If you’re thinking of being a roofer One of the initial questions to ask yourself is the amount of education you’ll need. We’ve found that 28.1 percent of roofing contractors hold an undergraduate degree. When it comes to the higher education level We found that 3.5 percent of roofing contractors possess master’s degrees. While some roofing professionals do have college degrees but it is possible to be one by merely an high school diploma or GED.

The choice of a suitable major is a crucial decision when researching the best way you can become a roofing professional. We looked into the most commonly used areas of study for roofing contractors we discovered that most of them have high school diplomas or bachelor’s degrees. Other degrees that we commonly look at on resumes of roofing contractors include associate degree degrees and diplomas.

Experience in different jobs can assist you in becoming roofing contractors. Actually the majority of roofing contractor positions require prior experience in a position like general contractor. Additionally some roofing contractors have previous experiences in positions such as roofer or customer service rep.