Cost of installation for concrete flooring can vary widely according the finish you choose like stained, polished, or etched concrete. In reality, the price can be just $2/square foot to over $30.


For between $2 and $6 per square foot, you can get concrete flooring laid with the basic design. The cost typically covers the pouring of the slab, or overlay. Then, you can expect to colorize the floor by staining. In general, this type of design can also include polishing.

If you can spend a bit more, for example, $7 to $14 for a square foot you could add a variety of colors to the material. If you opt for this brand new and trendy home flooring It will add more dimension to your flooring. The cost typically includes polishing as well.

The cost of paying 15 or more dollars per square foot for concrete flooring allows for greater creativity and focus on the details. The higher price allows for more sophisticated geometric patterns, numerous colors, stamping or texturizing.


Whatever design you choose to purchase it is possible for the cement flooring lasts for a long time. This is if the concrete is sealed properly and kept clean. At a minimum you can anticipate years of beauty and longevity. This can save you lots of money when you compare it to flooring that is less durable like carpeting or hardwoods.

Due to its very nature and because it is derived from stone concrete flooring is more durable than you imagine. It is able to withstand years of foot traffic, as well as more damage, like in warehouses, commercial spaces and garages. At home, it’s resistant to damage to the concrete floor. Even the highest heels or pet claws as well as furniture that is heavy will not harm your flooring. It is possible to scrape or scratch concrete however, it requires a lot of effort to accomplish that.

Easy Maintenance

Because concrete flooring is sturdy, it’s easy to maintain its appearance. Every six months, you must coat or wax your floors in the areas with high traffic in your home. The areas with lower traffic needs this service every 9 up to twelve months. This seals in the floor’s protection layer.

The routine maintenance for your concrete flooring is to perform regular mopping with an unscented cleaning agent. Even if the floor is cracked or splits, your concrete specialist can repair the crack by fixing it. The patch is then sanded to smooth it and finish your flooring, making the flaw disappear.

Design Flexibility

This flooring material works well with industrial and contemporary decors better than traditional home style. For instance an old colonial house is not a good choice for stained concrete floors. But a contemporary or contemporary interior is well-suited to the polished concrete floor appearance.

There are numerous methods of making the design unique for the flooring material. These techniques include:

  • Overlaid is an extremely thin layer of polished, colored or etched concrete on the flat slab
  • Polished, giving the smoothest finish that could appear like glass.
  • Acid-stained, creating a marble appearance with mild acid
  • Colorizing agent to the finish to create an opaque colored effect
  • Texturized or stamped, it gives the appearance of a three-dimensional design
  • Geometric pattern with colors and textures to create an artistic look
  • Airbrushed or stenciled, you can open your floors to a myriad of painting techniques

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