If you’ve got a driveway made of concrete and you wish to safeguard it from cracks, marks and dings that can degrade the curb appeal of your house. However, if you apply tires to shine your car it could leave ugly marks that you didn’t anticipate. Along with tire scuffs , and other marks left by rubber on your tires, you could find yourself in an endless fight. However, you can get rid of the marks faster than you imagine by following the steps listed below.

How to remove Tire Shine from the concrete driveway

To get rid of the shine of your tires off your driveway made of concrete you’ll need liquid dish soap as well as degreaser, water, and scrub brushes.

1. Clean up debris
It is the first thing to do to clean of any debris, such as dirt and leaves. First, try to get rid of the tires shine marks by using bristles and water. Sometimes, this will accomplish the task.

2. Make use of soap and water.
If the water from straight did not remove the tire marks Mix some dish soap and water, then use it over the area stained with your scrub brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, and let the area dry.

3. Use a commercial Degreaser that is designed specifically for concrete
If washing your skin with water and soap didn’t be successful, then try a commercial degreasers. Wear rubber gloves during this process because the degreaser may cause skin irritation.

These steps will remove the shine of your tires off your beautiful concrete driveway.

Other Tips to Remove tire marks from Decorative Concrete driveway

Other suggestions to remove tire marks from the concrete you use for your decoration include:

Make sure to clean the marks as quickly as you can
Avoid using bleach or any other harmful chemicals.
Before you apply degreasers to your driveway, you should test the formula on a small area to ensure that the formula will not cause discoloration or damage to your driveway.
Don’t use scrub brushes as they could scratch your driveway.
Cat litter can be used to cover the marks and stains, allowing the litter to remain for at least a week to remove the stain.
How to Avoid Tire Shine and Other Tire marks on your concrete Driveway

The best method to avoid unattractive tires on the driveway is to clean the driveway. The routine cleaning helps prevent the building up of chemicals and other substances that cause tire marks difficult to get rid of. Additionally, when you perform maintenance on your car, put a cardboard, drop cloth or another material under your car to safeguard your driveway made of concrete.

Other suggestions for applying the shine of your car’s tires on concrete driveways include:

Make sure to clean your tires using a high-quality cleaning solution
Dry the tires using the help of a sponge
Only apply the required volume of tire shine for each wheel.
Follow the instructions for the tire’s manufacturer.
Get rid of excess air from each tire to avoid transfer to the concrete driveway

If you’re still experiencing problems with tire marks appearing on your Raleigh concrete driveway, contact the concrete company you trust via We Do Concrete Cheap. Discuss the kind of sealer that is applied to the surface and whether changing the sealer can decrease rubber contact. For instance the acrylic sealer can interact more strongly with rubber and may result in more noticeable tire marks than others. It is possible that sealing your concrete with an epoxy sealer or polyurethane could reduce or even stop tire marks.

Routine Concrete Maintenance of the Driveway Improves the curb Appeal of Your Home

The cost of real estate is rising and you have more chances to increase the value of your house. Even if you plan to stay in your house for a long time it is essential to have curb appeal. A beautiful concrete driveway can add value to your house and helps make the exterior appear its most attractive.

If you’re interested in ornamental concrete, stamped concrete colored concrete or any other option for this significant home improvement, you can contact the Raleigh local pros from We Do Concrete Cheap. We can help you design and build the kind of surface you’d like and help you make sure that it stays beautiful for many the years to be. Call us at Do Concrete Cheap at 919-454-397 for more details and to schedule an appointment.

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