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“The best investment you can make is in yourself. “ While the successful executive Warren Buffet has no known prior experience with concrete however his words of wisdom are a fact in that increasing the value of your individual self is essential for your career regardless of industry. As a part of concrete’s industry being accredited with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) can provide you with numerous advantages both in the short and long term. With the help from the Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concret Association (PACA) getting the certifications is incredibly simple and rewarding.

When you are certified in the area you specialize in work, you will be more valuable to clients and employers. This boosts the likelihood of being a desirable candidate for your boss when it comes to selecting employees to do work. Promotions and raises are also a part of this knowledge. Another advantage of having a certification is the chance to understand more about the particulars of your job. When you’re next asked about a decision you made at work you’ll have the skills to defend your actions by proving your skills to bosses and colleagues.

Making the decision to become certified by ACI is one thing, however how should one register for the tests and courses? Simply by accessing PACA’s website PACA website, you will have access to a single-stop shop where you can sign up for a range of certifications.

If you decide to finish an ACI certification There are four easy steps to follow: choose the right program, choose an exam location, study for the test and pass the test. Our website contains an extensive listing of training courses we offer to obtain certification. The dates and locations of every course are listed. The courses available through PACA include but aren’t limited to ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I; ACI Adhesive Anchor Certification Exam; NFMCA Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification and ACI flatwork finishing Certification Exam. Check out the complete listing of courses available from our web site, Certification Exams/

If this wasn’t enough to make you want to be ACI accredited, PennDOT is also beginning to require certification of contractors who install flatwork made of concrete on construction projects, as well as for those installing and examining concrete anchors. This means that the courses that are certified are going to be in greater demand. Registering now to become certified through PACA is simple and quick and can put you in the forefront as other businesses make an effort to get certification for their employees.

PACA prides itself on being the first to manage these programs to raise the standard in our community’s industry. PACA is the most prominent voice in the crush stone industry, ready-mixed concrete gravel and sand, as well as the cement industry’s community. We want to set new standards for concrete construction in Pennsylvania.

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